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Our solutions are based on the SCIENCE OF CLEAN™

USA Nanocoat, founded by university research scientists, is dedicated to protecting our environment and enhancing the quality of life through the application of cutting-edge nanotechnology. We offer a wide variety of safe and environmentally-friendly nanocoating products that protect our health and the planet. Our nanocoating products enhance the appearance, performance, and longevity of building materials and consumer goods. We provide the most advanced nanocoating technology available to improve energy efficiency and to reduce air pollution, surface contamination, and the wasteful consumption of material goods.

We offer a wide variety of advanced nanocoating products that are cost-effective,  non-toxic, and environmentally safe. Our products are designed to provide a safe living environment, improve the energy efficiency of building materials, and protect surfaces from stains, scratches, corrosion, and contaminants.

Our mission is to help create healthier, more sanitary environments in both work and living spaces by providing innovative, environmentally safe technology for the community. 

The performance of our nanocoating products have been rigorously tested by independent laboratories and universities and are backed by USA Nanoncoat’s 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Our Products Reduce Viruses & Bacteria by 99.6%

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Our Airocide & Nanocoating Products

Our scientifically-proven nanocoating products and air purification technologies are highly effective, durable, and provide continuous, 24/7 protection for both indoor and outdoor environments. All our products are designed to provide more sanitary living environments by providing innovative, environmentally safe technology for reducing pathogens and contaminants, improving energy efficiency, and protect surfaces from deterioration, stains, scratches, and corrosion. Our mission is to help create a healthier environment for the community.

In today’s rapidly growing society, air pollution and contaminated surfaces are a serious threat to our health and the safety of our environment. Air pollution can create.

The latest addition to the Airocide Family. It is a true filterless air purifier that runs on Airocide’s NASA developed PCO technology.

Developed to manage smaller volume conditions. It’s appropriate for individual rooms (private offices), cold storage rooms, and many public spaces where odors may be present.

Air Purification & Surface Sanitation

Perfect for Any Location

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