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About USA Nanocoat​

Our solutions are based on the SCIENCE OF CLEAN™

At USA Nanocoat, Our mission is simple. We strive to help create healthier, more sanitary environments in both work and living spaces. We do this by providing innovative, environmentally safe technology for the community. We were founded by university research scientists and are fully dedicated to protecting our environment and enhancing the quality of life through our of cutting-edge nanotechnology. Our safe and environmentally-friendly nanocoating products protect both our health and the planet.

Founded by Research Scientists

Protecting The Environment

Enhancing the Quality of Life

Our Team

Customer service is our Top Priority

We’re a team of university scientists, professional contractors, and certified applicators dedicated to improving the quality of life through the application of innovative nanotechnology. At USA Nanocoat, we work to build partnerships with other businesses to offer the world’s best nanocoating products. Our professional applicator network consists of the highest quality service providers available. We provide customers with superior products, performance, and service.

Satisfaction Guarantee

USA Nanocoat guarantees that our products meet the absolute highest industry standards of quality, performance, and durability. Our nanocoating products are cost-effective, non-hazardous, non-toxic, and safe for the environment. We only offer products that have been independently tested and validated by accredited laboratories and universities.

USA Nanocoat products are subjected to a detailed series of rigorous performance tests and comparative tests against other products on the market. Our nanocoating products routinely outperform the leading competitors on comparative performance tests including durability, weathering, thermal insulation, and more. Independent research has proven that our products continue to provide the most advanced coating technologies available on the market.

Our Satisfaction Guarantee is to make sure that every single customer is 100% completely satisfied with their purchase and the performance of our nanocoating products. If for any reason you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, USA Nanocoat will exchange or refund the full amount of the merchandise if the item is returned to us within 60 calendar days from the date of shipment.

Our Commitment to the Environment

We at USA Nanocoat are committed to helping businesses and individuals take real and effective action to reduce their impact on the environment and to promote sustainable living solutions. We offer nanocoating technology solutions to help businesses and individuals decrease energy use, reduce waste, decrease air pollution, and maintain a cleaner, more sanitary surfaces both indoors and outdoors.

Our innovative, high-performance nanocoating products provide cost-effective solutions to solve global challenges and to tackle climate change and greenhouse emissions in a tangible, eco-friendly way.

  • Safe, eco-friendly nanotechnology
  • Team of research scientists and profesional contractors
  • Advanced materials for solving real world problems
  • Research partnership with universities & independent labs
  • Air purification and surface sanitation nanotechnology
  • Nanocoating customized products and services

Research Partners and Collaborators

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