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Air Purifiers – 205 In-Duct Unit


Our air purifiers can help drastically reduce many health risks through state-of-the-art photocatalytic oxidation (PCO) technology. To stay healthy, we pay close attention to what is in the food we eat and the water we drink, but why not the quality of the air we breathe? It’s often an afterthought, but the air we breathe both indoors and out can directly impact our health, quality of life, and state of mind.

In today’s increasingly congested communities, the quality of our air is becoming a rising concern. What’s more, is that the quality of the air INSIDE your home or office is often worse than the air outside. Poor indoor air quality can lead to an increased occurrence of respiratory problems like allergies, asthma, or COPD.

Many triggers can be lurking in the home; the bathroom can harbor mold and mildew; the living room can have animal hair, dust, dander, or smoke; and your bedroom could be contaminated with VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) from furniture, household cleaners, paint, carpet, air fresheners, and perfumes. Use our PCO air purifiers to rid your home of viruses, bacteria, allergens, odors, and other volatile organic compounds (VOCs) such as formaldehyde and benzene.

Rather than just relying on air passing through the unit as most air purifiers do, our PCO reactor air purifiers actively disperse air cleaning molecules into the surrounding environment to attack and destroy contaminants and toxins throughout your home, office, and even car. Our air purifiers are safe for use around people and pets.

Research has shown that when air quality is improved, the overall quality of life increases through higher productivity, fewer sick days, and sharper focus. Protect the air we breathe inside our home, workspaces, and other, more public locations to minimize the risk of potential widespread illnesses. Take a deep breath and see what makes our PCO units a good choice for cleaner indoor air.

Our air purifier units utilize active photocatalytic oxidation technology (PCO) in which UV light activates a PCO coated honeycomb structure. The air purification units do not rely on air passing through the unit, but actively disperse air cleaning molecules into the surrounding environment. The PCO air treatment system unit actively outputs a continuous stream of multi-clustered ions which attack and destroy contaminants and pathogens throughout the indoor environment. The process is known as active photocatalytic oxidation and it’s safe for both humans and animals.

PCO air purification units substantially reduce viruses, bacteria, odors, smoke, and mold both in the air, as well as on surfaces, which is something that passive air treatment devices, like HEPA filters and passive UV lamps, cannot do. The UV light activates the coating to create molecules capable of decomposing pathogens, nitrous oxides (NOx), carbon monoxide (CO), allergens, odors, and other volatile organic compounds (VOCs) such as formaldehyde and benzene.

Optional: All 200 Series In-Duct Units are available with an optional VariFlow Green Switch, an HVAC fan speed control switch that continues to run the fan at 35% of its normal speed in the central air conditioning and heating system when the heating and cooling functions are off. The fan itself costs hardly anything to run and uses the residual energy in the coil and/or heating unit. It operates quietly in most systems and keeps air treatment optimized at all times.

Weight 3 lbs
Dimensions 8 × 8 × 16.75 in

202 In-Duct, 205 In-Duct, 210 In-Duct

Uses & Features


  • Breaks down microbes (bacteria, viruses, volatile organic compounds (VOCs), allergens, molds, and odors), wherever they exist in the indoor environment
  • Continues to treat the environment with MCIs on a continual basis
  • Has been proven unequivocally by independent universities and laboratories on a global basis to be highly effective and safe
  • Is at work in many clinical, commercial, and residential buildings, as well as on the international space station
  • Generates a process called active photo-catalytic oxidation (PCO)
  • Forms and releases large clusters of positively and negatively charged ions: multi-clustered ions (MCIs)
  • Easy installation
  • Replacement Cells last up to 30 months


Air and Surface cleaning in:

  • Residential
  • Offices
  • Schools
  • Hospitals
  • Hotels
  • Airports
  • Restaurants
  • Public infrastructure
  • Public transportation
  • Shopping centers


Product Details

Ux200 Series

Our Ux200 Series systems are economical, low maintenance, and with their In-Duct design offer pervasive coverage within the indoor environment, including surfaces. The Ux200 Series units will significantly reduce smoke, mildew, mold and fungus, odors, bacteria, viruses, and volatile organic compounds (VOCs). Completely safe for humans, animals, and plants, Ux200 devices are ideal for almost any indoor environment that incorporates an HVAC system including homes, restaurants, daycare facilities, offices, doctor and dental offices, pet kennels, spas and salons, locker rooms, pet-boarders and groomers, veterinarians, smoking lounges, mortuaries, classrooms and more! Ux200 Series units also help keep HVAC systems free from contaminants along with helping protect the “A Coil” from mold, mildew, and other biological material, which, in turn, reduces cleaning costs and increases efficiency.

PCO In-Duct units install in any HVAC system directly into the plenum or above the air handler in downstream locations. The Ux200 Series works by converting water vapor and oxygen from untreated air into an active ionized plasma, substantially reducing odors, mold spores, viruses, and bacteria, creating a healthier indoor environment. Untreated air enters the air handler, passes by the PCO Cell, and releases treated air through existing HVAC vents. The hydro-peroxides, hydroxyls, and ions will then act on pathogens inside the space that have not passed through the HVAC system. This is quite different from passive treatments that rely entirely on untreated air to pass by or pass through a system to be treated. Another advantage of active treatment is that exposed surfaces are treated as effectively as the air is treated. The system is working 24/7 providing a residual effect.

60-Day Satisfaction Guarantee.


202 In-Duct

Coverage Area: 2,000 square feet
Electrical: 12VDC Input Uses 13.3W
Dimensions: 8″ x 8″ x 11″
Weight: 2.8 lbs 1.3 kgs

205 In-Duct

Coverage Area: 5,000 square feet
Electrical: 12VDC Input Uses 19.2W
Dimensions: 8″ x 8″ x 16.75″
Weight: 3 lbs 1.4 kgs

210 In-Duct

Coverage Area: 10,000 square feet
Electrical: 12VDC Input Uses 33.0W
Dimensions: 9.8″ x 11.3″ x 17″
Weight: 4.5 lbs 2 kgs


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