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Airocide APS-200

The Airocide APS-200 & 200-PM 2.5 are true filterless air purifiers. They are efficacious, but also beautiful. As an Edison Award recipient for design, it is a complement to any modern home. It’s small and compact, yet powerful it can fit into any room. This item is in stock and ships in less than 2 weeks.

This new APS-200 PM 2.5 model is the most powerful technology available from Airocide. It takes NASA’s elegant solution for removing Bacteria, Mold, Virus, and VOC artfully deployed in our APS-200 model and combines it with effective new materials to solve the vexing problem of PM 2.5. Airocide has employed a state of the art Carbon/Permanganate blend, Hospital Grade MERV media, and enhanced NASA PCO Catalyst design to provide owners with a total indoor air quality solution. It is a significant step up for our award-winning brand, and truly air purification that works.

The APS-200 PM 2.5 is Airocide’s most advanced air purification technology yet. It combines our storied NASA catalyst with additional air sanitizing media to cover the entire spectrum of indoor air quality issues. This product is an excellent VOC filter-less Air Purifier that is also proven to remove pernicious mold, bacteria, viruses, dust, dander, and cancer-causing particulate matter.

The Airocide APS-200 & 200-PM 2.5 are true filterless air purifiers. It uses a NASA developed catalyst to safely remove all organic material from the air. This includes dangerous VOCs, allergy-triggering mold spores, and illness-causing bacteria and viruses. It is efficacious, but also beautiful. As an Edison Award recipient for design, it is a complement to any modern home. Our original Airocide is the winner of the prestigious Edison award. This design features a high gloss okra “void” complimented by a rich dark outer wood sleeve. Small and compact, yet powerful it can fit into any room.

With the Airocide APS200 filterless air purifier, you can bring NASA created technology into your home. The Airocide air purifier can be used in any sized room and the optional floor stand and wall mount accessories allow for versatility. The Airocide APS200, the winner of the prestigious Edison award, offers a stunning oak and decorative faux wood-grained sleeve. So sleek and modern, it will complement any home

The Airocide air purifier is simple to own and operate; just plug it in and go. Airocide is meant to be used 24/7! Touch controls make it easy to choose from one of the 3 settings; Low, High, and Auto. Auto Mode has a fantastic light-sensitive feature that manages the airspeed. When the room lights are dimmed or off, the fan sets to low. When the light in the room is brightened, the fan speed automatically adjusts to high. The APS200 is virtually maintenance-free because there are no filters to change or parts to clean. The indicator light will blink when it is time to replace the reaction chamber, which is about once a year.

We are so confident in Airocide, that you will feel better with their filterless air purifier, they offer a 60-day money-back guarantee from the date of purchase. Airocide APS 200 air purifier has a 5-year limited warranty covering defects in materials and workmanship.

  • 60-Day Risk-Free Trial (easy, no-hassle return)
  • 5-Year Warranty
  • Feel Better Guarantee
  • Dark Wood Sleeve
  • Single room use
  • Auto mode
  • Touch controls
  • Cleans up to 300 to 500 sq. ft. (depending on the setting)
  • Decibel (noise level) 41 db
  • Input – AC 100-240 VAC
  • Current 0.5 A
  • Hertz 50/60 Hz
  • Watts 60 W
  • Maintenance Reaction Chamber replacement yearly
  • 120V
  • .5 AMPS
  • Colors: White w/Okra void
  • Dimensions: 18.7″L x 6.9″W x 6″D
  • Weight: 15-lbs.
  • FDA approved
  • ETL Listed
  • ARB Certified
  • FCC Compliance

Uses & Features

Uses & Features

  • Residential Units.
    • Ideal for homes and small offices. Kills 99.9% of harmful air particles. No filters to change.
  • It kills just about anything. (Mold • Odors • Germs • Allergens • Ethylene Gas)
    • Proven results. Kills 99.9% of harmful air particles. No filters to change. Airocide completely destroys airborne bacteria, mold, fungi, viruses, volatile organic compounds (VOC’s) & odors
  • Features:
    • Nasa developed
      • This patented NASA technology uses no filters, is self-cleaning, offers low annual maintenance cost, and is green, producing no ozone. It has been extensively tested over the last 12 years by leading laboratories and universities in the United States
    • FDA Approved
      • Airocide is a listed medical FDA Class II device. The product application of air sanitation technology is vast, ranging from medical-healthcare to many research applications for infection control. Each market segment has specific customer needs and different product requirements; however, all are based around the need for a pathogen-free, healthy-air work, and a microbe-free environment.
    • No Ozone
      • Because the technology in these systems was developed by NASA, they are not filtering systems and produce no harmful byproducts like ozone; they are superior to any other air sanitation systems on the market.

Operating Modes

APS-200 PM 2.5 Operating Modes

  • LOW = Basically a night/sleep mode, the Airocide APS-200 PM 2.5 operates at a low-light, quiet level.
  • HIGH = Optimal purification setting that is ideal for any size room.
  • AUTOMATIC = Using a light-sensor, the air purifier adjusts modes according to the time of day – letting you live with your Airocide running seamlessly in the background.
  • LED INDICATION = If a filter needs to be replaced, is not installed correctly, or if any issue is present – specific LED indicators will alert you as to what the problem is.




Unshakable 4-Stage Filter Engineering

  • Stage One: Carbon/Permanganate Media
  • Stage Two: MERV-12 media
  • Stage Three: Proprietary coated fibrous material
  • Stage Four: Filterless Photo-Catalytic Reaction Chamber
  • Annual Reaction Chamber Change (replacement kits available)




  • Weight = 9 lbs
  • Dimensions = 18.7 x 6.9 x 6 in
  • Version = APS-200, APS-200 PM 2.5
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