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Testimonials From Real Customers

Elizabeth - Airocide Customer

Severe Bronchitis Sufferer

“Airocide has proven to be an affective technology for me.”

August - Airocide Customer

Allergy Sufferer Finds Relief

sleeps better.

Angela - Airocide Customer

Chronic Allergies, Asthma and a Dog Don't Mix

A roommate’s dog that has the run of the apartment was making her allergies worse. “I installed Airocide my allergies are a lot better, I don’t wake up congested and the doggie odor is gone.”

Patrice - Airocide Customer

Allergies Ruin Her Day by Keeping Her Awake at Night

She tried filtered air purifiers before and found that they didn’t work. But, within a week of installing Airocide she was able to sleep through the night.

Irene - Airocide Customer

Asthmatic Son

“Airocide was the easiest thing we’ve ever had to use to improve his health. It started to help him right away. Airocide really works. It does what it says it’s going to do.'”

Julie - Airocide Customer

Son Diagnosed at a Very Young Age with Allergy-induced Asthma

Her son could be out at a sporting activity and get an asthma flare-up. Rescue medicine and time used to be the only answer. Now it’s different. They call Airocide “his other medicine.” “It’s definitely helping him.”

Tiffany - Airocide Customer

Allergy Sufferer with a Four Pill a Week Habit

Tiffany is allergic to everything including her pet pooch Boogie who sleeps with her. After installing Airocide she has only needed an allergy pill once in six weeks.

Rose - Airocide Customer

Son is Living A Healthier Life

Rose’s youngest boy has cold induced asthma. Minor colds turned into hospital visits. But, since bringing Airocide home, the severity and duration of the episodes has been significantly reduced. With Airocide, “my kids can just be kids.”

Darci - Airocide Customer

Sleepless Nights and Headaches: Now a Thing of the Past

Darci was skeptical. She had owned air purifiers in the past but they hadn’t worked for her. Hear the difference Airocide made in her life.

Ingrid - Airocide Customer

Respiratory Issues Gone!

Respiratory Issues Gone! Severe allergy issues plagued her. Airocide provided the relief she had been looking for. “Airocide changed my life”.

Ashleigh - Airocide Customer

Now Symptom Free

Ashleigh is a long-time allergy and asthma sufferer; she has been struggling with frequent bouts of allergies and asthma. Hear what she has to say about Airocide.

Katie - Airocide Customer

Hasn't Needed Allergy Medicine Since Using Airocide

Katie has become a believer. She was surprised to realize that since installing her Airocide air purifier, she hasn’t taken any medication. And she loves the fact that Airocide blends into the room so well — people don’t realize it’s an air purifier.

Mary Ann - Airocide Customer

Lifelong Allergy Sufferer

“Mary Ann has found Airocide to be the most affective way to deal with her allergy symptoms.”

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